The Kids' Cakes

As you can imagine, my kids have big dreams for their birthday cakes. They seem to think that I can do anything (I had to turn down a few ideas that they had, as I'm just not as talented as they think :) ). In fact, Madisyn is planning out the cakes for her 6th and 7th birthdays as well as Landon's 4th and 5th! I'm sure they'll change their minds 100 or so times before next year.

None-the-less... Madisyn decided on a castle cake this year. Similar to her cupcakes, she wanted it green, purple and pink with polka-dots. And that, she got :) Landon of course wanted a Lightning McQueen cake and was thrilled to tell everyone about it and show it off! All the hard work pays off when they're thrilled with the outcome! Thanks Ra (Aunt Shell) for all of the help! As always, I couldn't have done it without you!!!


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