Cupcake and Cake Truffle Wedding

I loved the burnt orange and brown colors for this wedding! The cupcakes were marble with ivory buttercream and burnt orange swirls in tulip liners and the cake truffles were chocolate raspberry with burnt orange drizzled on top. Not only were they fun to make, but the couple (Trent and Linda) were absolutely fantastic to work with!

Thanks again!

White and Pink Wedding Cake

I loved the design (the bride's idea) and of course the colors! We decided on icing covered with fondant decorations and fake flowers, which I think worked out well.

Steph, thanks for letting me be a part of your wonderful day!

Giraffe 1st Birthday Cake

Yo Gabba Gabba

I was not familiar at all with "Yo Gabba Gabba" until I made this cake for an adorable little three year old and his one year old brother. It was a good challenge and actually quite fun to make! I also made a smash cake for the one year old to match.

The Kids' Cakes

As you can imagine, my kids have big dreams for their birthday cakes. They seem to think that I can do anything (I had to turn down a few ideas that they had, as I'm just not as talented as they think :) ). In fact, Madisyn is planning out the cakes for her 6th and 7th birthdays as well as Landon's 4th and 5th! I'm sure they'll change their minds 100 or so times before next year.

None-the-less... Madisyn decided on a castle cake this year. Similar to her cupcakes, she wanted it green, purple and pink with polka-dots. And that, she got :) Landon of course wanted a Lightning McQueen cake and was thrilled to tell everyone about it and show it off! All the hard work pays off when they're thrilled with the outcome! Thanks Ra (Aunt Shell) for all of the help! As always, I couldn't have done it without you!!!

Madisyn's Princess Cupcakes

Although simple, she loves green, purple and pink (and the Disney princess liners)... so she was quite in heaven! Thankfully, I was able to convince her to take cupcakes to school and save her castle cake for her birthday party (I'm not sure that her teachers would appreciate the mess that accompanies a cake) :)

Wedding shower cupcakes

My Little Pony Cake

A "My Little Pony" cake for a little four year old, Lola.

Thank You

Thank you to all those who have allowed me to make cakes for their birthdays, weddings, special event or just for fun! It's been a great learning experience and wonderful meeting everyone! I've been struggling with the decision of continuing to make cakes or to put taking orders on an indefinite hiatus due to the amount of time that it takes away from my family. As many of you know, I have officially decided to no longer accept any orders. I'll continue to make and post pictures of cakes for the orders that have already been placed and for fun. I really look forward to making cakes for fun and letting the kids help in the kitchen :)

As some of you have asked, I would love to have an evening to share some of what I've learned... and have an excuse to get some women together! Email me if you are interested in joining us for a night of decorating your own cake and learning the fun of fondant (! The date will likely be late spring (April/May) and you'll take home your personally decorated 6" round cake (cost will likely be $30).

Thanks again!!!

A cake with a story...

A few of you know that my wonderful husband turned 30 last month. Along with our cousins, we threw a small surprise party for our four dear friends who were turning 30 around the same time. Needless to say, the cake was also supposed to be a surprise (difficult to pull off making a three tiered cake without my husband knowing who it was for :) ). But we had one major accident... the cake fell over as I was placing it into the car! It was like slow motion. Fortunately, I caught it, but not without a lot of damage. It was quite the rush of emotions and a very good learning experience :) Needless to say, in about an hour, I had somehow replaced and fixed all of the dents, holes and major blemishes!

Allison, thanks so much for taking pictures!

Busy, busy, busy

I just want to give a heads-up that I'm booked through mid-April. I know most people don't think about ordering a cake three plus months in advance, so I wanted to let you know in advance. If you are interested in ordering a cake for April/May, please contact me as soon as possible, as those months are filling up quickly as well. Thanks so much!

Trying something different

I was lucky enough to have an old friend of mine contact me to make a "smash cake" for her son's first birthday. She basically let me do whatever I wanted to do and suggested primary colors. I had been eager to try out some of the decorations that "pop" out of the cake, so I used this opportunity to do so. It had its challenges, but I was excited about the outcome. I think I'll be trying this again in the near future!

Megan, thanks again for being laid back about the cake, that made it so much fun! And I'm just glad that we got to see each other after so long!!!

Chocolate brown with pink polka-dots

This cake seems to be pretty popular... I've made two in the past couple of weeks (sorry, I've been forgetting to take pictures of some of the cakes lately). The other had icing on top with a #1. It's a color combination that I don't think I'll be tired of for a long time :)

This one was vanilla with buttercream icing and raspberry filling (the perfect combination, in my opinion). It was a wonderful pleasure to meet an "extended neighbor" who ordered this for her daughter. Thea, thanks again for your wonderful visit!


For those of you who don't know me... or even for those of you who do, I feel like you deserve to hear what others have said about desserts I've made for them.

Thank you so much for the adorable cake and cupcakes! Not only were they super cute, they were delicious! Funniest thing about the fondant...the kids were eating the monkeys off the cupcakes :) ~ Becky

Thanks so much for the brownies, they were a huge hit!!!! I will be calling for cakes in the future! Everyone raved over them! Thank you again! ~ Laura

That Spartan Cake is AWESOME!!! Thanks again Tiece! ~ Bob

The animals are EXACTLY like they look on the bedding set!! I cannot believe you creativity and accuracy...seriously, I am just blown away!! This was by far the most adorable and best tasting cake I have ever seen/eaten!! Thank you once again!! :) ~ Katie

Leticia - it was fabulous!! Everyone was so impressed with your skills and asked if you did it full time :) It not only looked awesome, but was delicious. ~ Melissa

This was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good, not to mention stink'n CUTE!!! :D Thanks again dear. ~ Lauren

The cupcakes were GREAT! ~ Missy

I just wanted to let you know that the cupcakes were SO good and everyone loved them! ~ Kate

The cake was so cute!! Everyone commented on it. Thanks again :) ~ Lindsey

The party was wonderful and the cake was a HUGE hit. ~ Mark

...I wanted to quick let you know what a HIT your cake was. It was not only so pretty to look at, but it was so tasty. We loved the combination of flavors and it was so moist. ~ Thea

I just wanted to Thank you again for the wonderful cupcakes for the wedding! :) They were perfect and everyone loved them! ~ Erin

Hi thank you very much party was great and cake was a hit!!!! A lot more was ate then I thought would. ~ Chrissy

The cakes were spectacular! ~ Cindy

Yesterday was amazing =) It went perfectly! The brownies and cake turned out great!! Thanks for the awesome brownies!! ~ Deena

So pretty! And delicious too! ~ Courtney

The cake was sooo cute and it tasted great too!! ~ Hillary

Everyone loved the cupcakes! Rylee especially! :) Thanks so much! ~ Kara

It was PERFECT! We loved it! Thanks so much! ~ Linsey

This did turn out awesome! Everyone loved it!! ~ Haley

Delicious cake!! Very cool! ~ Cortni

Cutest and best cake ever!! :) This cake was to DIE for!! Not only was is so freak'n cute, but it was absolutely delicious!! ~ Katie

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